5 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Hear You Pray

Praying for our kids.

We all know we should, and a lot of us do. But how many of us pray with our kids?

It can be tough, and uncomfortable, to pray out loud. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas someone around the family table breathes a sigh of relief when they are not chosen to ask the blessing this year. Praying aloud can lead to feelings of insecurity — that we aren’t good enough or we aren’t “doing it right.”

The great news is that God doesn’t judge us on how we pray. I think the very act of praying aloud with our kids as we pass by a wreck on the highway or see a homeless person on the side of the road teaches them more about the things God cares about than using beautiful words to offer up an empty prayer.

Sometimes, we excel in making easy things hard. If this is an area in which you have struggled, I want to encourage you with 5 reasons why your kids should hear you pray.

  1. It teaches them that prayer is simply a conversation with God.  It’s not a test, nor is there is a right or wrong way to pray. Sure, as our faith grows our prayers become deeper and more meaningful, but they are still just conversations. When your kids were little and learning to talk, they copied what you said. Likewise, they will learn to pray through imitation.
  2. It teaches them that God cares about what we care about. When we teach our kids to pray about anything, they learn God cares about everything. They don’t have to wait for something big to happen to pray! Now, I’m not suggesting their prayers be for an A on the math test or for success on the field. But we can start out by making a habit of one-sentence prayers while we’re in the car on the way to school, asking the Lord to help us be a blessing to someone else during the day or thanking Him for a beautiful morning. Then …
  3. It teaches them that God answers our prayers. We pray a whole lot of prayers we won’t see immediately answered. And that’s okay — God teaches us patience, too. {Wink.} But when we have prayed with our kids about a situation and we see an answer by change of heart or circumstance, it reinforces for them and us, that God hears us when we talk to Him. (And even if things don’t go the way we wish they would, God is still answering.)
  4. It teaches them that we think they are important. When we pray with our kids — in the car, at bedtime, or other random moments — it shows how much we care about them and what’s going on in their lives. When we pray for their future college roommates, future spouses, future children, we store up these treasures in heaven and it lets them know they are loved and cared for by us … and by God.
  5. It teaches them not to waste time worrying. We all know those people who spend so much time worrying about what could go wrong they forget to live their lives. By having our kids hear us turn everything over to God, they can rest in the knowledge that no matter what … God’s got this. He’s in control. Nothing is a surprise to Him.

If you are not used to praying aloud with your kids, it’s never too late to start. Put aside any insecurities you might have, and tell your kids what you want to do! The lessons you teach by stepping out of your comfort zone will impact your family for eternity. And who doesn’t want to do that?


Need resources on how best to pray for your child on your own? There are lots out there, but here are some I can recommend. Please note, I am not an affiliate and will not receive anything for these recommendations:

The Power of a Praying Parent, by Stormie O’Martian. Omartian has written several “Power of a Praying …” in her series, and they are phenomenal for hitting the reset button on our prayers.

The Power of Praying for Your Adult Children, also by Stormie Omartian.

Praying Circles Around the Lives of Your Children, by Mark Batterson. Batterson introduced his book, The Circle Maker, in 2012, and millions took another look at they way they pray.