Whether your child plays football, soccer, volleyball, or ping pong, the beginning of a new season is an exciting time for both kids – and parents. The Fall sports season is kicking off for young athletes across America, and the cooler air feels electric with anticipation while high hopes abound for successful Saturday outcomes.

All that enthusiasm overflows from parents and children in some wonderful – and some not so wonderful – ways. As parents, we encourage and applaud our little ones as they take brave new risks out on the field. When they get bigger, we might find that our positive promotion suddenly turned into critical correction without us even realizing it. There will always be room for guidance, but keeping our eyes on the bigger picture, and not on what you thought your child did right or wrong out on the field, is what matters most.

Please join me for “Game Day,” an 8-week series which provides a different perspective on the value of youth sports, and how you can encourage your kids both on and off the field. You’ll receive one email per week, made up of a short devotion and fresh words of wisdom. The seasons can seem long but the years are most certainly short, and we want to make the most of them.

So, get ready, get set, and GET UP: It’s “Game Day.”

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  1. Perfect timing as so many of us are trying to navigate the fall sports season with our kids! Thanks for your wisdom and taking the time to share it.

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