Such a great question. Mom jeans certainly have had a bad rap the last few years, what with their high waistbands and oddly placed pockets. So why name a blog about a fashion don’t?

Because this blog isn’t about jeans, at all. It’s about moms and families and kids and pets and food and things we learned the hard way. It’s about our wins, our failures, and how we manage to keep sane in the everyday-ness of life. It’s about encouragement, and the wisdom Jesus gives when we slow down enough to notice.

MomJeans is about standing in front of the denim display at a department store, not sure how to navigate the options (straight leg, boot cut, skinny, flared, modern boot cut, traditional, boyfriend, and curvy skinny — is that even a thing?), but having the confidence to know that no matter which style you choose,  you can pull it off. Because if being a mom has taught you anything, it’s taught you that you are more than you thought you were. It’s taught you to improvise, forgive, create, apologize, begin, quit, begin again, try, fail, and love. Being a mom has taught you that it matters less what kind of jeans you have, and more what kind of heart you have.

I’m not sure where in the store they keep the jeans that are cool and make me look good, but that also know a thing or two about getting on the floor with the dog, jumping on the trampoline with the youngest, quizzing a kid before a big science test, but can still make it out of the house for a quick dinner with the hubs. If I can find them, I’ll buy those every time.

Because, you know, they’re Mom jeans.